What are your VA benefits with 100% Service-Connected Disability?

"Hi, I’m Marine Corps veteran Paul Corbett and if you are a veteran who has 100% VA service-connected disability I am going to cover 14 different benefits that are available to you I am also providing web links in the description below this video if you want to find additional information or how to apply for the benefits I will be covering so at the top of the list is monetary compensation a single veteran can expect to receive more than $3000 a month tax-free in a little later in this video I’ll explain how you may receive hundreds more..."

James Cooper
James Cooper comes from a long line of Veterans and decided to enlist for the Marine Corps at the ripe age of 18-years-old following in his father's footsteps. Shortly after being medically discharged from the service, James decided to pursue a career in journalism. Having battled with the VA for years himself, he began to study the system and commit his career to help fellow disabled veterans.