Increased VA Disability Compensation in 2021

"Hi I’m Marine Corps veteran Paul Corbett and if you were paying attention to your checking account during the last week of 2020 you may have noticed a change in your VA disability direct deposit all veterans who are receiving compensation for service-connected disability received a 1.3% increase in disability compensation at the start of 2021 at 1.3% you are looking at an increase ranging from $1.85 to as much as 4551 and additional tax-free monthly compensation this also affected the rates of compensation for additional dependence and Aiden attendance so to see the numbers..."

Shaye Martinez
Shaye Martinez found her passion for helping veterans after watching her father struggle for eleven years with obtaining the disability rating he deserved from the VA after twenty years in the service! Following her graduation from UCSD in 2017, she began her extensive research regarding the VA claims system and has spent the past four years helping veterans around the country!