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As a military spouse, you are likely used to uprooting every once in a while. Unless you have a job that can follow you, you’ll find that it can become frustrating constantly having to apply to a new place every move. In this article, we’ll be listing off some of the best jobs for military spouses constantly on the move.

Graphic Designer

Many graphic designers are hired as freelance independent contractors when opportunities arise. With that being said, you can work on a project for a client that is 1,000 miles away from you. Graphic designers aren’t typically required to have a degree attached to their skills. There are a ton of resources across the internet to utilize if you need any kind of training, and most won’t break the bank. Moreover, after creating a strong portfolio for yourself, you can list yourself on freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

Social Media Manager

With social media becoming such a huge player in brand growth for so many industries, social media managers are in high demand. There are a ton of courses that train social media managers online. You can even learn how to be a great social media manager simply by watching free YouTube channels on the subject. Social media managers can make anywhere from $300-$10,000 or more each month depending on their pricing, brand budgets, and how many accounts they take on at once.

Online Therapist

The expansion of the world wide web in the past decade has made it possible for all kinds of professionals to work remotely. Many therapists now offer Zoom or video sessions with their clients. You no longer need a physical address to hold therapy sessions. However, if you prefer in-person sessions, the option to rent out an office space is always an option.

Pharmacist / Pharmacy Technician

There are multiple pharmacies in every district. With that being said, if you’re up to the six years of schooling it’ll take to score a job in a pharmacy, you’ll likely have no issue finding a job in your new town. On the other hand, pharmacy technicians are equally in demand, and to score a job, you’re typically only required to have a high school degree and an internship under your belt.

Content Writer / Copywriter

Whether you’re passionate about writing compelling stories or you’re verbally gifted, you might want to consider a career in content writing. This is especially true if you specialize in a particular area and are extremely knowledgeable on a subject. Thousands of companies will hire remote writers to put together their website, advertising, and print content. After building up a healthy resume, you could end up building up a large client base all around the country.

Web designer/developer

These days, if a brand wants to really make a name for themselves, they need to be online. If you’re a creative individual and experience building and designing websites, finding a job in web design or development will be easy. That is to say, though you’ll certainly need some training, you likely won’t need a degree to score a well-paying freelance job. In addition, companies will pay anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000 for a skilled designer or developer to set up their online presence.

Customer Service Representative

Every company selling a product or service needs customer service or support. Therefore, if you are a great speaker and have the patience for dealing with (sometimes angry) customers, you may want to consider a career in customer service. With remote and in-person opportunities, there are thousands of brands to apply to at any given minute. Further, to work in customer service, you typically aren’t required to have anything more than a high school diploma. The average salary for someone working in customer service is $24,000 to $53,000 per year.

Music Teacher

Are you musically talented? Are you passionate about teaching? Music teachers can work full-time for a company or do house-calls on a freelance basis with their clients paying them anywhere from $30-$300+ per session. Moreover, working full-time as a music teacher with a company can earn you $35,000-$76,000 per year. As a freelance teacher, you can build up an attractive portfolio and great reputation with your clients, and charge a pretty penny per session.

Life Coach

Life coaching is a growing industry. You can be fully online as a life coach or hold in-person meetings with clients depending on preference. Subsequently, the more experience you have as a life coach, the better. It’ll take some time to build up a reputation for yourself. However, life coaches can make over $160 an hour.

Physical Trainer

Are you fit? Do you live a healthy lifestyle? Do you love helping others? Certainly, you should consider becoming a physical trainer. After obtaining certifications, you can start building a client base and charge anywhere from $60-$300 per session with your clients. Moreover, if you’re comfortable being on camera, you can even be an online trainer and help people all over the country. On the other hand, you can also consider working as a class instructor for a local gym.

Other great careers for military spouses:

Financial adviser




Interior designer


Human Resources Professional

Data analyst

Companies that prioritize hiring veterans and military spouses.

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Shaye Martinez
Shaye Martinez found her passion for helping veterans after watching her father struggle for eleven years with obtaining the disability rating he deserved from the VA after twenty years in the service! Following her graduation from UCSD in 2017, she began her extensive research regarding the VA claims system and has spent the past four years helping veterans around the country!


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