Bariatric Surgery | Weight Loss Options with Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass

“Hello everyone, today we have a very interesting podcast we’re gonna talk about bariatric surgery and how it works in the VA and we’re very lucky to have to join us today doctor and Smith who is the director of bariatric surgery for the Boston healthcare system which is in effect the director of the whole VA New England‘s healthcare system since you’re you guys are the only ones who do bariatric surgery that’s right thank you so much for having me here today I’m really excited to..."

Shaye Martinez
Shaye Martinez found her passion for helping veterans after watching her father struggle for eleven years with obtaining the disability rating he deserved from the VA after twenty years in the service! Following her graduation from UCSD in 2017, she began her extensive research regarding the VA claims system and has spent the past four years helping veterans around the country!